A New Game Player In Tron Is Going To Have An IEO

Nowadays, the initial exchange offering (IEO) has hyperactivity and large participation. And most of the known exchanges have started providing the IEO service to their users after the Binance Launchpad. Usually, the IEO sales rounds are short and fast,  and the users fight with bots to purchase the tokens as much as they can in the first round, to ensure a safe profit (ROI) as the token’s price increase in each. And today, we as WhaleToBE team, a branch-out and part of MasaTron project, are happy to announce our partnership with Kiwidex DEX to launch our IEO on it’s the platform.


So, what is MasaTron?

MasaTron is a utility token based on Tron network, payment token (MASA) that can be paid worldwide in the jewelry and different stores. And tradable in many exchanges according to the roadmap goals. MasaTron team works to build the own eco-system of the project. MasaTron means the diamond Tron as “MASA” means diamond in Arabic. And we will work hard to spread out our luxury project across all domains. Currently, we have 2 active products, and we have already several partnerships in the luxury domain sector.

MASA token utility :

MasaTron foundation launches it’s own token to be used as a payment option in the foundation shop and Dapps, and in several shops later. The token will be listed in many exchanges, so it can be tradable token.  Also,  it’s a long term investment as we are going to create a chain of several Dapps. You can find token’s information on tronscan.

MasaTron Products:

From our first plan day in Q1 2019, we have started our sites developments, and today we have two active products in the BETA stage (release).

  1. whaletobe.club: is a new magazine site that supports Tron Network. We know that we have already strong old competitors in the network, but our plan and visions will support us and lead the site to its utility goals. Even that, in the Beta release, we share daily articles with high-quality contents, and our news has been already gone viral in social media platforms
  2. Masatube: It’s a video-sharing platform such as youtube, but with all new features. In the Beta version, which means now, there is no direct reward from the platform to the users, but later on, it is going to be an incentive platform that pays for the users.

You can find more about our project and our products in the whitepaper: English & Chinese.

Why Our project is a better choice?

Well, most of Tron projects are gambling: dice games, casino, betting… Or games, wallets, DEXs… But the real blockchain projects are which provide a real solution for this technology (blockchain). For that, we have MASA, a token with a real utility for Tron and Tronics community. With us, the users are able to purchase luxury and jewelry via our token, TRX, BTC, ETH… And not only that, but we also aim to be a pioneer in Tron’s media, with all new incentive platform’s solutions.

MasaTron IEO:

Today, Kiwidex platform unveils about our IEO, and we are going to share with you the Launcher details.

“Hello! The Kiwidex Launcher team decided to pass the second IEO project MasaTron on June 16, 2019, New York time.”

IEO details:

Depositing time: New York time, June 16, 2019, 22:00:00 – June 24, 2019, 22:00:00

Total transaction volume in the current period: 200,000,000 MASA (4% of total project sales)

Opening trading time: 2019/06/25, 22:00 (New York time), the limit trading is divided into three rounds, each round of 30 minutes, after the end of the snap, the round automatically ends.
The first round: 2019/06/25 22:00:00—22:29:59;
First round price: 1 MASA = 0.0290 TRX
Trading 40,000,000 MASA (0.8% of total sales)

Second round: 2019/06/25 22:30:00—22:59:59;
Second round price: 1 MASA = 0.0320 TRX
Trading 60,000,000 MASA (1.2% of total sales)

The third round: 2019/06/25 23:00:00—23:29:59;
Third round price: 1 MASA = 0.0357 TRX
Trading 100,000,000 MASA (2% of total sales)

On June 26th at 00:00:00 (New York time), Kiwidex will open the MASA/TRX trading pair.

For more information, please check Kiwidex’s full article.

Also, we plan to pick-up a random IEO investor and reward him/her a 8g gold piece.


We can conclude that MasaTron and its token (MASA) are going to provide a new utility for Tron network. Otherwise, the project’s team aim to list the token after the IEO in more exchanges, to provide larger liquidity to the token’s pairs. Also as we aim to be listed in CoinMarketCap (CMC).

Before any investment, always do your own researches, and be sure that you have read the whole whitepaper and project learn more about it, and remember, you always invest at your own risk.

Thank you for reading!

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