A New Controversy May Lead To A Tezos Hard-fork

Tezos revealed in a blog its disagreement with the OcamlPro engineering group, after the first threat to stop funding the group due to concerns about governance.

OcamlPro has partnered with a Starchain Capital fund to take part in the Tezos hard fork and create a new block called Dune Protocol.

According to a leaked email allegedly issued by Starchain Capital, that the company is raising $ 1 million for 5 percent of the total new codes due to be launched in September 2019.

It should be noted that the OcamlPro Group receives funding from the Tezos Foundation as part of their support program.

The group is working on a number of Tezos projects , such as the “TzScam” browser. However, the differences began after OcamLPro refused to open its entire software, one of the terms of the grant.

Tezos said that the financing, which ended in the second quarter of this year, will be suspended unless the specific funding criteria are met.

The Tezos protocol was lauded by the Crypto community thanks to the governance mechanism on the Blockcahin, and as the network is open source, anyone can do the “hard copy” split of the Tezos network.

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