A Billionaire Filed A Lawsuit Against Facebook Due A Fake Crypto-Ads

John DeMol, a Dutch billionaire and founder of Big Brother, filed a lawsuit against Facebook, one of the largest social networking platforms for allowing ads that used his image to promote a scam token project, according to the Reuters report .

The ads, which were removed earlier, said the Dutch billionaire was a supporter of the project and his image was included in the fake advertisement.

According to lawyer of John De Mol, a group of investors has been scammed and $ 1.9 million raised due to the advertising campaign.

At the hearing, De Mol’s lawyers said that the Facebook platform did not do everything in its power to prevent fraudulent ads and the team’s response was slow to complaints.

Where the Dutch billionaire asked to remove any ad linked in the world of Crypto and cryptocurrencies using his image from the platform, “Facebook.”

At the same time, the Facebook platform lawyer argued that the company can not monitor all the ads continuously, adding that the platform is working with the Financial Markets Regulatory Authority in the Netherlands to find out how to handle fraud (SEC).

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